Migrating Your Site to Managed WordPress

Our Managed WordPress® accounts have a built-in migration tool, which will move your site from another host to your account with us. It’s an amazing tool that does all of the heavy lifting for you. However, there are a few things which can prevent from working, such as:

  • Using either Classic or Web Windows hosting (more info)
  • DNS issues
  • Your WordPress site displaying errors
  • Login protection, such as two-factor authentication
  • Custom WordPress login pages

New, Unused Accounts

Migrations to Managed WordPress are only available when you set up a new account. For more information, see the Managed WordPress section of Setting up Your Hosting Account.

Already-Setup Accounts

If you already set up your account but actually want to migrate an account, it’s no big deal. Migrating a site to us removes all of the content from the account anyway, so you can just remove the existing account, and then set it up again.

  1. Use Adding or Removing Sites with Managed WordPress to remove the site you already set up.
  2. Use Setting up Your Hosting Account to submit the migration request, by clicking Migrate Your Existing WordPress Site.

The process of removing your site and setting it back up also lets you resubmit migrations if they fail.