WordPress Migrations

Resubmitting Managed WordPress Migrations

If you requested a migration when you set up your Managed WordPress account, there are some things that will cause it to fail, such as:

  • DNS issues
  • Your WordPress site displaying errors
  • Login protection, such as two-factor authentication

If the migration failed, though, you can always resubmit your migration request after you resolve the issues that prevented us from migrating your site initially.

To Resubmit Your Migration Request

  1. From our Gateway, remove the Managed WordPress site that failed its migration. Beneath the WordPress site, click Settings, and then remove the site from the Remote Site tab (more info).
  2. Beneath the New Account — WordPress hosting that displays, click Set Up.
  3. Click Migrate Your Existing WordPress Site.
  4. Complete the on-screen fields, and then click Finish.

We’ll email you once the migration’s complete. You’ll be able to check it out at the temporary domain we provide in the email.