What is Managed WordPress?

Managed WordPress is Go Daddy’s professional WordPress hosting platform. Its feature list is incredible, as is its performance (so good, in fact, some of our developers literally didn’t believe it — but we assure you, it’s real).

Managed WordPress offers a streamlined and optimized WordPress experience; it’s nothing but a hosting account with WordPress installed. For a lot of customers, that’s exactly what they’re looking for. When customers launch into their accounts, we place them directly in the WordPress admin panel, so there’s no complication and nothing superfluous.

Check out some of what it offers:


  • Performance-enhancing caching
  • Automatic updates through WordPress’ built-in functionality
  • A plugin blacklist to make sure you don’t inadvertently install website-damaging plugins
  • Enhanced security through restricting file access (more info)
  • The latest version of WordPress automatically installed in the root directory
  • sFTP and phpMyAdmin access (more info)
  • 30-day storage of automatic backups (more info)

Because of these accounts’ optimized configurations, there are also some limitations to be mindful of.


  • Its hosting back-end does not come with a control panel, so tools like Cron jobs are not available
  • You cannot install a number of blacklisted plugins known to harm your site (more info) — yes, this is the same blacklist we mention in the Feature section

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